Microcontroller:           Atmel’s ATMega328P, with 32KB flash memory, 2KB Random Access memory and 1KB EEPROM.

Sensors:                         Light, sound, range, motion, time + date.

Power supply:               2 x 9V batteries.

Current:                         60mA.

Battery life:                    20 hours, continuous use.

Connections:                 Cable to camera. Cable to flash.

Positioning:                   Hand-held for programming and flat surface for monitoring.

Dimensions:                  4.75 x 2.5 x 2.5ins.

Enclosure:                      Attractive, robust, ergonomic case, contoured for hand-held use.

Color:                              Matt black; ideal for preventing unwanted light reflections.

Weight:                           5 ozs (with batteries).