The functionality of this device is covered for a period of six months, from the date of purchase. Should the device fail to operate as described, during that period, it should be returned to the manufacturer, as directed on the website, for repair/replacement.  This also applies should any part of the device break free from its mounting.

Parts covered by warranty are:

Display screen
Jack sockets
Case body
Sound sensor
Light sensor
PIR sensor
Ultrasonics range detector
Real-Time clock (internal)

Should physical breakages occur to any part of the device, such as display screen, sensors, switches or casing, a repair service is offered. Again, the device should be returned to the manufacturer for repair/replacement.

If the device is within warranty, and has not been used outwith its normal operation, damaged parts will be repaired or replaced, otherwise the customer must cover the cost of parts and labor.

In the unlikely event that your Snaperture unit develops a problem that our support team cannot address remotely, and its warranty has expired, then we will repair it. Simply return the unit, describing in detail the nature of the problem, and you can expect it to be returned to you promptly, in fully working order.

Returns should be addressed to:

4837 S Oak Ct.
Littleton, CO 80127

Include details of the problem, your email address and telephone number and we will contact you with details of the required repair.


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