Say Hello to the new SNAPERTURE!

Snaperture is a unique camera trigger device that incorporates 4 sensors: light, sound, motion and distance. You can use them singly, or in any combination, to photograph events that would be impossible to capture manually. There is also a real-time clock, which allows photographs to be taken at specific times or at specific intervals. Long exposures are also accommodated, which is ideal for night sky photography.

Snaperture’s attractive, ergonomically-shaped, hand-held case has allowed the sensors to be built in. This unique feature means there is no need to carry microphones, PIR sensors etc, and their associated cabling, to a shoot. Needless to say, this also represents a significant cost-saving.

Explore this website and discover how Snaperture can transform your photography experiences. You can now look forward to having a portfolio of unique, stunning images. As you quickly become familiar with Snaperture, and appreciate its versatility and ease of use, you will be amazed at the many new opportunities that present themselves. Snaperture will have you so engrossed that time will fly by, as you astound yourself with your own creativity.