Snaperture’s ergonomically-contoured case allows easy, handheld operation, making it incredibly convenient to use.  In addition, it is equipped with rubber feet, for bench-top operation. A clip-on tripod mount is available, for outdoor use.

Snaperture’s unique architecture allows it to be programmed in a simple, straightforward manner, with a keyboard for input and a four-line display matrix for information feedback. Menu items, as shown on the display, are selected using the keys A, B, C and D. The # key corresponds to ENTER and the * key corresponds to BACKSPACE. Unambiguous instructions guide the user through the setup of the trigger parameters.

Because Snaperture does not use an app, or the sensors mounted in a smartphone, all the operations occur in real-time. There are no mysterious delays, or missed sensor inputs, which can occur when you connect through a mobile device. This also eliminates the compatibility issues associated with using third-party software. With Snaperture, you will get the exact operational results that you select.

The accompanying manual gives a comprehensive introduction to the device,  so within a very short time, you will be thoroughly familiar with the operation of Snaperture, and delighted with its ease of use.